I have been teaching music since 1990. The instruments taught include violin, violoncello, double bass, piano, accordion, guitar and bass guitar, teaching ages 5-60 years. I have taught privately in Europe, the U.S and Japan, at the University of Music in Vienna, Austria. I am currently employed as double bass faculty at DCYOP and as the elementary music teacher choir director at the German School in Washington, D.C.

A positive first-hand experience with music stimulates the mind, body and soul, and deepens one's awareness of human dimensions. This positive musical experience, especially at an early age, can inculcate the creative resources, self-confidence, discipline and means of expression that makes an enormous difference as a human being, member of society, and even when competing for a future job. Besides, it can simply be beautiful, and a lot of fun!

My goal as a teacher is to accompany and guide my students on a path with music using an appropriate recipe of encouragement, inspiration, discipline and fun, upon a basis of mutual appreciation and respect for music and one another. Training the ear and developing the musical mind are my priorities, leading the student toward the ability to express her or his self on the instrument. Neither technical ability nor musical vision can lead to a convincing performance on its own. Both are equally important, and go hand in hand. I have been lucky to have many good students who are succeeding on their own musical path.